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About us

In 2011 T-Minus was founded in Delft, the Netherlands. The four founders, Roel Eerkens, Mark Uitendaal, Hein Olthof and Eric Smit, were all actively involved in several projects for their study 'Space Engineering' at TU Delft. Their longtime passion for space and rocket technology brought them together. Our dream was to make space accessible for all, building high-quality suborbital rockets at an affordable cost.


T-Minus offers commercial suborbital platforms for scientific research, commercial applications, and national security solutions.

Space is one of the most complex fields, requiring thorough knowledge. T-Minus believes in making space business accessible and more efficient via miniaturisation and commercialisation. 

With our products and services, we dedicate ourselves to create something unique, offering the best solutions and expertise to support your mission.

T-Minus aims to become the world-leading company in the field of suborbital rockets. We are ready to face any technical challenge and to work on inspiring projects that enable our customers to move technology forward and to conduct cutting-edge science. 

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