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Our Facilities

Propellant manufacturing site

T-Minus Engineering manufactures its own solid APCP propellant. Our facility in Deventer (NL) is able to produce and store over 10 metric tons of propellant. Sufficient for >250 Dart motors or >75 Dart XL motors annually. In this facility we can perform R&D on different geometries of propellant as well as novel chemical compositions.


Having a solid rocket manufacturing capability is essential in our vertically integrated rocket manufacturing capability. The facility is not available for external companies but we are available for contracted R&D, production as well as joint R&D.

Propellant site

Mechanical workshop

T-Minus is capable of producing its own mechanical designs. Our lathe and mill are our workhorses and complemented with small mechanical tools as well as 3d printing for prototyping and production and high-tech composites work (RTM).

The combination of machines available and skilled personnel allows us to manufacture small batches and iterate quickly over design changes. Our mechanical workshop is also available for other space companies and neighbouring companies for ad hoc, quick turnaround work. It is not available for regular commercial mechanical work.


Electrical engineering workshop

Being able to design, manufacture, inspect, measure and produce electronic components has allowed us to fly electronics to space. The tools and experience required are used in our own development but can also be provided for contracted design and or R&D. A licence for Altium, combined with a soldering station, reflow oven, proper scopes and various tools to debug, check and manufacture electronics are available together with skilled staff to use it.

Examples are LED panels for space test facilities as well as improved cable harnesses and equipment for large scale vibration tables (ESA).

Mechanical workshop
Electricl enigneering
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