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T-Minus Engineering successfully launches six rockets for two National CanSat competitions

In less-than-ideal circumstances, the team from T-Minus managed to launch and eject over twenty CanSat’s from Belgium and Luxembourg.

The Covid-19 restrictions, weather conditions with snow, rain and high gusts were the challenges. But nothing that the participants of the different high schools could not manage. With assistance of the experienced team of T-Minus and the local organisers all CanSat were loaded into the rocket.

Months of work took to the skies, were successfully deployed and a high percentage recovered. Participating team assisted the recovery by using bright coloured parachutes and last known GPS locations in order to reduce the size of the search area. The serine nature surrounding the Elsenborn airfield in Belgium did manage to hide some of the CanSat, but these will be returned to the respective teams when found.

A unique experience for the teams and a glimpse into the world of Engineering and Aerospace. We are glad that this year's Belgium and Luxembourgian CanSat competitions were such a great success. Congratulations to all.

Questions for the T-Minus team, reach out to us by using the contact form.

For more information about the different competitions visit the following sites.

And to get a idea of how it was like to be at the launch check out the following news items/after movies and launch photos.

News message winners belgium Competition

TV report by the RTL Luxemburg


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