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When it comes to rockets and space systems, every detail must be right at the time of launch, at T- Minus zero. 
Good preparation, accuracy, timely delivery, and mission success are key in our products and services: when the launch window opens...
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About us

T-Minus offers commercial suborbital platforms for scientific research, commercial applications, and defence.

Space is one of the most complex fields requiring thorough knowledge. T-Minus believes in making space business accessible and more efficient via miniaturisation and commercialisation. 

With our products and services, we dedicate ourselves to create something unique, offering the best solutions and expertise to support your mission.


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Reliable and cost-effective solutions to complex engineering problems 

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By building almost every aspect of the rocket in-house, we strive to streamline the process and to minimise the development cycle. T-Minus' objective is to make space flights affordable, yet without any loss of quality. Every single detail is designed with attention and thoroughly tested.


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Meet the Team

Roel Eerkens
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Being on the frontline of development and research is very important to Roel Eerkens. Space is part of this frontline

One of his strong suits is combining people's skills and being creative in both business and engineering. The space industry is not directly linked to creativity, yet solving complex problems is.

Roel's focus within the T-Minus team is to make sure that the customers get what they require and to make sure that new projects are the best solution for the customer.

Hein Olthof
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Hein Olthof's field of expertise are rocket propulsion, systems engineering, and rocket operations. 


He acquired his M.Sc. title in Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology in 2013 with a thesis on solid rocket motor design and solid propellant development.


During his internship at Esrange Space Center as a test engineer and ground safety engineer he worked amongst others on the Mapheus-2 sounding rocket and the D-SEND balloon campaign

Eric Smit
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Eric Smit has a Master’s degree in Electrical engineering, with a specialization in aerospace systems. He was introduced with space systems during his bachelor’s study, where he worked on the transmitter for the Delfi-C3 satellite.

 As T-Minus Engineering co-founder, Eric started working on the Delfi-n3Xt satellite, where his work mainly consisted of building the flight versions of many subsystems.

Mark Uitendaal
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Mark Uitendaal is an aerospace engineer with a master degree from the Technical University of Delft. Mark was project manager and chief engineer of the STRATOS I project launched in 2009. This rocket achieved the European altitude record for amateur rockets.


He co-founded T-Minus Engineering, since he is a firm believer of making the sounding rocketry and space business cheaper and more efficient via miniaturisation and commercialisation, a goal which he tries to achieve via T-Minus Engineering.


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